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WICONA is a Hydro brand
The WICONA brand was created in 1948 in Germany, and has been developed into a synonym of the highest technical standard of building aluminum systems.
Wicona offers a system of aluminium profiles, accessories, fittings,processing equipments, software and technical expertise. This enables the construction of high technology facades, windows and doors.
WICONA is setting high technological standards in the sustainable building industry.
With its international R&D teams, WICONA success is based on his continually development of high technological products securing longevity and quality of countless buildings.
The WICONA fire protected facade and roof can also be integrated into standard facade or roof designs, allowing architects to freely supply parts of the facade with fire protection without disturbing the homogenous look of the construction. The new solutions are fire resistant according to class E30 and E130.
The WICONA TEmotion self-sufflcient facades guarantees a high degree of comfort optimizing energy management. automatic regulation of heating and cooling, natural and mechanical ventilation. environmental factors and energy saving plays a central role.
The construction is designed to secure sustainable solutions contributing to make buildings more energy efficient.
WICONA systems on components on facades. Windows and doors, are engineered to maximize the U-Value performance and the Energy saving.Insulation is important to the energy consumption in buildings.
The new Wicona WICTEC 50 HI+ offers a system developed positioned profile with a so-called Uf-value of ~1.23W/m2K.
Whoever chose Wicona products today will benefit of the best and mature technologies offering to the building residents with a quality housing products a pleasant living environment.
Today, architects who want to implement creative building concepts not only have to take into consideration technical aspects but must also adhere to strict legal sustainable buildings requirements.
Wicona works and offers integrated concept lead by factors as green technologies, energy efficiency, acoustic performances for sustainable facade buildings.
In Cooperation with architects, planners, developers, metal builders,WICONA provides professional system solutions during the whole process of building constructions, the solutions specified to make up the best environmental and "green" comfortable buildings.