Gti Doors Systems

High End Residential Patio-door
When closed,rollers don't carry leaf weight, allowing longlife comfort.
20000 cycles (open/close) according to EN 1191.2001 standard.
High tech glasses, combining thermal, acoustic and security performances.
Special glass with integrated sun screen possible.
High performance weatherproofing while closed thanks to compressed double peripheral EPDM gasket.
Air/water tightness in compliance with RT 2000.

Large sliders
Max. leaf dimensions:
w = 2500 mm x H = 2500 mm.
Min. leaf dimensions:
w = 750 mm x H = 750 mm..
Max. leaf weight: 250 kg.
10 t0 39 mm glazing.
Weather Perfomance
The Technal lift and slide door has been tested in accordance with BS EN 12207, BS EN12208 and BS EN 12210achie-ving the following results:
Thermal Performance
The GTi commercial door has been calculated in accordance with BS EN IS0 10077-2 achieving the followingresults:
Easy to open and close
Lift-and-slide system means large leaves can be opened and closed easily, smoothly and comfortly.
Easy-action, easy-to-grasp handle.
2, 3 0r 4 point locks.