The origin of INDUSTRIAL GRADHERMETIC, SAE, part of a carpentry workshop, located in Terrassa and owned by Mr. Colom Jaime Grau, carpenter and cabinetmaker, who around 1949, noting that the safety lock and the windows were limited primarily to the wooden shutters, he missed a type of shutter that allows the orientation of the slats. Anticipating the market needs, designed and put into practice the creation of a shutter closure to allow addition, the graduation of the slats and the light control. For industrialization and dissemination of this revolutionary new product, D. Colom Jaime Grau, together with Mr. D. Sanllehi John Geli, D. Sanllehi Francisco Comerma and D. Jose Duran Vilajoliu Gradhermetic society constituted the February 12, 1954. One new product that was originally made of wood, steel was manufactured and then finally up to the present in aluminum. With the addition to the firm of D. Noguera José Colom-expanded product range with the manufacture of false ceilings, and lattices, reaching today as one of the leading companies in the market. In 2004 marked 50 years since the inception of the company.